Ana Kučan receives Platinum Pencil 2017

Ana Kučan is a landscape architect with an extremely prolific career showcasing an unmistakable design talent, academic breadth and social responsibility. Her works impress with the clarity of her design thought and style that are both profound and refined, winning her a number of awards, recognitions and invitations for collaborations both in Slovenia and beyond. Her achievements, such as the landscape design for the Nordic Centre Planica and the exhibition All Shades of Green for the Slovenian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, are often the result of collaboration with Luka Javornik, co-founder of Studio AKKA, and also with her colleagues architects. Ana Kučan is one of the first-generation Slovenian landscape architects and her achievements have greatly contributed to the development of the profession in Slovenia. Through her work she has been engaging her co-authors, the spatial context and society in a creative dialogue, for which she deserves the highest professional acknowledgement.

The honorary Platinum Pencil award is conferred on the members of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia for their extensive body of work and outstanding achievements in architecture, landscape architecture or spatial planning by a selection committee.