Garden 11-05

Location: Ljubljana
Client: zasebni | private
Area: 84 m²
Design period: 2011
Implementation period: 2012
Project team: Ana Kučan, Luka Javornik, Ana Tepina
Photo: Aljaž Babič, Arhiv AKKA

Garden 09-05

The site is situated at the edge of the forest. The location of residence follows the idea of the Villa – the quest for an immediate physical and visual connection between internal and external parts of an unanimous dwelling and the pleasurable enjoyment of vistas from the raised position. The residence at the north end […]

DIY Treehouse

The tree house is made of a dark brown T-FIX waterproof panel, with lap joints. Its smooth side is used for a seat base and backrests. Backrests are part of the hidden support, which assist the ladder and the branches in carrying the seat base. It is custom made by repeated checking in situ with […]

Renovation of the grounds of the villa White Mansion

The neo-renaissance villa is situated on the verge of Lake Bled. The area is steep, mostly covered with forest. The scattered remains of the former forest-park – paths and masonry details – unfold the once-discovered potential of the site. The main experiential value is hidden in the sequence of a walk through the forest behind […]

Garden 07-06

The house is set on a very steep slope. The extension for swimming pool on the lower level required the formation of terraces, which would enable the use of the forested part of the garden of the upper level with the one below, fusing thus the garden with the surrounding forest without visible barriers.