Ledina Kindergarten

location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: Vrtec Ledina, MOL | Ledina Kindergarten, Municipality of Ljubljana
area: 1700 m2
design period: 2009
construction period 2009
project team:
landscape architecture: Ana Kučan, Luka Javornik, Gaja Trbižan, Mojca Kumer
architecture : Martina Tepina - Arrea
construction: Milan Sorč, Projecta
enginne instalation: Vojko Brelih - Klimaterm
water flow control: Boštjan Ramovš - PRO-INI
contractors: glavni izvajalec | chief contractor: IPL, co-contractors: Cementninarstvo Pučko, Moet, Slovenijašport, Doleks, NM Inox, Vodovodne instalacije Volavšek, Janko Čuden s.p. mizarske storitve
supervision: Miloš Iglič, Punta

Renovated playground sits on the roof of the underground amenities, hence the central, open space, combined with the more elaborate and articulated edges. Open lawn provides for various forms of free play. The slope descending to the lower level playrooms connects the two levels of the playground. It is designed as a playful bridging of height differences with slides, climbing mesh and ropes. Articulation of space enables needed control while at the same time offers secluded areas for free play. Topography, water jets and faucets, the wall, groups of shrubbery all offer opportunities for children to explore and use their bodies according to their own creativity impulses. Thus they can test their abilities, comprehend their potential, face their limitations and learn how to exceed them.

Special attention was given to the original design elements of the main building, designed in the 70-ies by architect Milan Štrukelj.

Kindergarten Ledina playground on the cover of Municipality of Ljubljana’s publication

2007–2017 FROM KINDERGARTEN TO SCHOOL – A Retrospective of Municipality of Ljubljana’s investments in the field of Learning and Education. Texts: Zoran Jankovič, the Mayor of Ljubljana and Marija Fabčič, Department for Pre-school learning and Education. Design: Anka Štular, Krearna.

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