Residential area Črnuški bajer

location: Črnuče, Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: Imos d.d.
area: 2.1 ha
design period: 2011
project team:
landscape architecture: Ana Kučan, Luka Javornik, Zaš Brezar, Mojca Kumer
architecture: bevkperović

Landscape for residential area in Črnuče is envisioned as a translation of the idea of a garden into the space between residential buildings. The area is very densely built up. Landscape design aims at creating unfolding spaces that would offer shelter and could be used by all age groups of residents. Buildings are hence set into »green islands« of groundcover plants, lined out by low retaining walls thus defining a clear divide between the public and the private. Bays of sand and grass line up the undulating areas of pavement enabling intimacy as well as supporting informal socialization. Distribution of benches, tables and chairs equally on shady and on sunny locations support the idea, including positions from which views open to the neighbouring pond. Light transparent crowns of robinia and sorbus curtain direct views between the apartments. Small leaves allow sunlight to touch the ground and provide enough light also to the apartments facing north. Horizontal layering of planting and its fine granulation make the space look larger than it really is while the softness of curvilinear structure alludes to cosiness and domesticity. Design aims to make clear its reference to the garden, the refugee, stimulate relaxed use of space, encourage socializing and thus strengthen social ties among the residents.