Residential landscape RACA – Pri Mýte, Bratislava

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Client: Penta investment
Area: 2,5 ha
Design: 2014 - 2017
Construction: 2016 - 2017
Architecture: ARK Arhitektura Krušec

Landscape architecture:
Studio AKKA: Ana Kučan, Luka Javornik, Zaš Brezar, Mojca Kumer
3Tree: Marija Jergova

Photos: Studio AKKA archives

Landscape for the residential area RACA is envisioned as a translation of the idea of a garden into the space between residential buildings. Landscape design aims at creating unfolding spaces that would offer shelter and could be used by all age groups of residents. Buildings are hence set into the cushions of shrubbery, lined out by low retaining walls thus defining a clear divide between the public and the private. The height of shrubbery creates a physical and visual barrier and assures privacy of the interior. Perennial borders line up the undulating areas of pavement bringing variety in colour, texture and seasonal change.



Light transparent crowns of trees curtain direct views between the apartments. Small leaves allow sunlight to touch the ground and provide required insulation. The confrontation of the volume of shrubbery against mostly flat islands of grass set between the buildings creates spatial tension and provides for intimacy. In addition, the softness of curvilinear structure alludes to cosines and domesticity. Design clearly expresses its reference to the garden as a refugee, stimulates a relaxed use of space and encourages socializing. Some free space is left for eventual common garden; a rough articulation and the design of the edges is provided, but residents will themselves decide if and how to use that space.