Urban renovation

Location: Postojna, Slovenia
Client: Municipality of Postojna
Area: 9 ha
Competition: 2005; 3, nagrada in odkup | 3rd prize and award
Landscape Architecture: Ana Kučan, Luka Javornik
Architecture: Maruša Zorec, Uroš Rustja, Tomaž Mlinarič

The proposal addresses the question of revitalisation of Postojna by attracting vital urban functions back to the town centre. Therefore it locates the market at the place of the actual bus station, at the edge of the old town. The decision is founded in an analysis of programme, structure and morphology. The design of open spaces and the placement of additional buildings, which should improve the quality of urban life by creating a variety of environments and programmes, capitalise on the idea of a green system. The proposal once again reveals the character of the town, its site on the ridge and its internal structure: by exposing and strengthening the differences in the rhythm and size of land divisions between three main urban units, by defining the edges of the units and sharpening their identity, while at the same time linking them into a whole, by exposing the role of a town square as an empty space and as the main structural node, by redefining the relation between open and enclosed spaces (the street, the square, the park) and by enhancing the structural variety and sequence of uses by the proper alternation and design of the built and green urban fabric.