Ig – prison

location: Ig, Slovenia
client: Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Justice
area: 59.150 m2
design: 2018 - 2021
project team:
landscape architecture: Luka Javornik, Tomislav Krnač, Lara Gligić
architecture: Void Arhitektura

*photo – arhej d.o.o.

Interventions in the open space are in line with the concept of creating a harmonious, humane and relaxing living environment. For this purpose, special attention is paid to the “humanization” of the premises of the daily detention of convicts with the use of vegetation, which has been proven to have a beneficial effect on human well-being and health.

The great potential for arranging Ig prison is the context of the castle and castle park, due to which the complex is extremely specific in relation to comparable buildings around the world. Respect and upgrading of existing spatial qualities – taking into account the security and logistical requirements of Ig prison – offers the possibility of harmonious placement of new programs and arrangements in the pristine landscape area.

The starting point of the arrangement – respect for the castle as a spatial dominant is realized in the distancing of the new building from the “castle axis”, which allows an open view of the park from the castle courtyard. The design of the open space is restrained and builds on the relationship between the central grassland, which follows the natural topography, and tree clumps, which frame the views, create spatial plans and edges, and enable a sequential experience of space.

Spatial interventions mostly follow the topography, both in the construction of forest edges and in the placement of programs, paths and fences. Due to the construction, major interventions in the terrain will be required at the contacts of the new facility with the terrain. The aim of the arrangements is to clamp the building to the surrounding grassy slopes with as gentle slopes as possible.

By carefully cutting down the forest perimeter, making the most of existing forest gaps, following the topography and placing individual trees and tree clumps, we upgrade and clean the existing space into a open and transparent park. In the newly designed park there are possibilities for experiencing long views into the landscape, spatial plans are created, topography and vegetation edges create niches where different programs are located.

*visualisations – VOID arhitektura