Reconstruction and extension to the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana

competition: 2016, 1st prize
with ARK, Architecture Krušec

In addition to the sunken plaza and a working atrium for students of sculpture, our contribution to the reconstruction and extension of the Academy for Fine Arts and Design focused mainly on the redefinition of the inner courtyard of the urban block behind the new extension. The idea evokes the 19th century tradition of green courtyards of this part of Ljubljana in a contemporary way. The underground garage solves the problem of parking for the whole care while creating the opportunity to build a low hill over the garage roof thus giving back what was cut out. The hill is an opportunity to play and organise eventual neighbourhood events such as picnics or celebrations of various occasions. Trees around the hill are planted in deep soil around the garage and will thus grow to their optimum habitus. Therefore they will provide shade, screen the direct views between residences, shelter and feed birds and create a pleasant character of the courtyard. Their crowns, coupled with small-scale areas underneath, positioned vis-a-vis the entrances to the buildings will provide various opportunities to spend time outside the apartments in the garden like environment. Therefore the meeting of the private realm and that of the students working and socialising outside on the plaza behind their new building could only be an enhancement of the life of the courtyard.