You never see me where I see you

Name: You never see me where I see you
Location: theatre scenography
Theathre: Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, Ljubljana,
In cooperation with Mestno občino Novo Mesto
Production: 1997
Director: Matjaž Berger
Choreography: Marko Mlačnik
Scenography: Ana Kučan
Light design: Miran Šušteršič
Costume design: Alan Hranitelj
Music: Rok Golob
Chairs: Borut Simič
Actors: Alenka Avbar, Marko Mlačnik, Nagisa Moritoki, Sandi Pavlin, Draga Potočnjak, Robert Prebil, Pavle Ravnohrib, Romana Šalehar, Janez Škof

Matjaž Berger is questioning the origin of the spirit, whom he aspires to locate here and now, hence the You never see me where I see you, is set up in the abstract space, unfolding with the very play. The director’s eclectic fusion of quotations from Shakespeare, philosophic concepts of Nietzsche and Lacan and theatrical genres, demands a minimal formal frame. The sequence of stage-set images takes place in front of the translucent white canvas; the projection of writings, spreading over the whole space, blurring it into a two-dimensional plane, is used as a tool to create an atmosphere of a static, flattened, even spaceless, and of timeless or at least transhistorical landscape. The entrapment into the eternal cycle, as the message of the staging, is continuously inscribed into the sand by the footprints of the actors, as in a Zen garden. The regulation of the atmosphere by a soft light is contrasted by the sharp angles of the writings, which question the relation between »the eye« and »the gaze«.