Lepoglava – 1st Prize

Competition: 2015

1. prize, with ARK – Arhitektura Krušec

Renovation of the monastery complex addresses the question of the transformation of identity. Lepoglava, know as a prison town aims to re-articulate itself as s culturally rich tourist destination by re-evoking the times of the monastery school and traditional arts and crafts.

The main hub for this identity turn-up is the new architecture of the new cultural centre built on the premises of the one former prison wing. However, it is the open space which articulates the relationship between the buildings and ties all parts together. Thus the proportions of the ensemble are clear and balanced and add to the image of the town. Spatial relations and vistas create an integral and inherent part of the historic ambience on functional as well as on formal level. Bracketed by the wings of the new building, the courtyard at the entrance to the monastery resumes the role of the central area of the whole complex. Inside the town, set amidst the landscape acts as a recognisable urban centre.