Monument to Srečko Kosovel. Algorithm!

location: Park Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
client: Mobitel d.d., Agencija 41
area: 400m²
design period: 2004
construction period: 2004, ustavljen | construction interrupted
Boris Balant, Dominika Batista, Mathew Biederman, Zdravko Duša, Ana Kučan, Marko Peljhan, Tomaž Šuštar, Dragan Živadinov
Landscape construction drawings: Luka Javornik

AKKA participated in the team of artists and architects in the creation of the monument, with specific task to design the monument’s micro landscape. The monument is an installation of the Kosovel Algorithm, composed of numerical and semantic analysis of the avant-garde work of Srečko Kosovel, of seven key equations from the history of physics and mathematics of the first half of the 20th century, of vector analysis and a reinterpretation of the Trieste ambience of 1927 and their correlation with numerical data acquired in real time from various communication networks. The Algorithm is presented on a special screen with 640×96 pixel resolution, 10.5 m long and 1.7 m high. The back side of the monument serves as an information structure related to the life and work of Srečko Kosovel and its broader art-historical and socio-political context. Control systems are housed in an underground chamber and follow the planned project sequence, which should enable the monument to work on this site in Tivoli Park for the next 22 years. The content of the monument would be supplemented with additional content on the website The architecture of the monument consists of three spatial components: a monolith with integrated screens, the base of the monument with its landscape, and the technical equipment chamber. The monolith is a steel structure covered with aluminium and glass, sitting on a concrete underground chamber. The three spatial components enable a synergy of high technology and the park, which – according to 19th century thinking – represents nature in the city. Therefore the monument is not conceived so as to merge with the park, but rather to represent a new entity in the environment, used by masses of people. It is sited on a large, empty plane, warped by its touch, which is manifested in a 22-m-long geometric change of topography. The monolith of the Algorithm then appears to float above the meadow.