Street corridor twice

location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: A.biro, Ljubljana
design period: 2006 - 2008
construction period: 2010
project team: Ana Kučan, Luka Javornik, Zaš Brezar
photos: Peter Koštrun
photos with skaters: Urban Petranovič, Marko Žumer

Both designs deal with the same problem: protecting pedestrians from harmful traffic impacts, thus enabling the more complex use of the space of the street. Proposal for Dunajska 1 temporarily occupies the street car corridor to be built in the future. Thus the buffer is in the form of a grassy slope. The height of the ridge is hiding cars driving by, making the street more pleasant for dwelling. Facing the cafes of the building, the gentle slope creates an amphitheatre for play. Proposal for Dunajska 2 respect the future redesign of the whole Dunajska road corridor. Trees are located at the edge of the road, under planted with a belt of shrubbery. Pedestrian corridor is wider. An undulating line of seats is put in the middle of the corridor, defining a functional zone as a boundary between private and public, concentrating happening in the middle and setting free the outer and the inner zone for communication.